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2005 Annual Science Report

Reporting  |  JUL 2004 – JUN 2005

Bruce Runnegar
NAI Director: Bruce Runnegar
Letter from the Director: 2005 NAI Annual Report

Astrobiology thrives. This was strikingly obvious at the NAI 2005 “all hands” meeting of the Astrobiology Institute, hosted by the University of Colorado NAI Team, in Boulder, last March. A majority of the 500 participants were young astrobiologists who are making important experimental, observational, and theoretical contributions towards understanding how life originates and evolves, here and elsewhere. The sessions were lively and comfortably multidisciplinary in a way that was not seen in the early days of the Institute.

This year, these and the other achievements of the NASA Astrobiology Institute are made available in a new interactive way, by means ...

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