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2014 Annual Science Report

Reporting  |  SEP 2013 – DEC 2014

Carl Pilcher
NAI Interim Director: Carl Pilcher
Letter from the Director: 2014 NAI Annual Report

We are very pleased to publish the NAI 2014 Annual Report covering the period September 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014. A major activity of the year was the 7th competition for new research teams. This competition differed from the past in that the proposing teams were required to structure their proposals around a single compelling question in astrobiology. This led to a group of seven new teams that are each extremely well integrated as well as highly interdisciplinary.

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This Year At a Glance

13 Teams
129 Project Reports
296 Publications
68 Field Sites
Breakdown of Top Journal Publications
  • 12Science
  • 9PNAS
  • 15Nature