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2016 Team Science Reports

Reporting | JAN 2016 - DEC 2016

This year’s reports have received complete makeovers, presenting the NAI Teams' science accomplishments from January-December 2016 in colorful hyperlinked PDFs. Each of the 12 reports not only highlight the scientific achievements for the year—with details on research, links to papers, and photos from the field—but also reflect the individual personalities that make up the diverse group of scientists and specialists of the NAI.

Foundations of Complex Life: Evolution, Preservation and Detection on Earth and Beyond (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Institute for Universal Biology (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Life Underground (University of Southern California)

Virtual Planetary Laboratory (University of Washington, Seattle)

Habitability, Life Detection, and the SIgnatures of Life on Terrestrial Planets (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Evolution of Prebiotic Chemical Complexity and the Organic Inventory of Protoplanetary Disk and Primordial Planets (NASA Ames Research Center)

Origin and Evolution of Organics and Water in Planetary Systems (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Icy Worlds: Astrobiology at the Water-Rock Interface and Beyond (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Changing Planetary Environments and the Fingerprints of Life (SETI)

Alternative Earths (University of California, Riverside)

Rock Powered Life (University of Colorado Boulder)

Reliving the Past: Experimental Evolution of Major Transitions (University of Montana)