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2011 Annual Science Report

Reporting  |  SEP 2010 – AUG 2011

Carl Pilcher
NAI Director: Carl Pilcher
Letter from the Director: 2011 NAI Annual Report

We are very pleased to release the NAI 2011 Annual Report covering the period from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. This year marked an auspicious milestone for the Astrobiology Program as a whole and a number of new initiatives for the NAI. The milestone was the 50th anniversary of the Exobiology/Astrobiology Program, celebrated in Washington, DC at a Symposium featuring talks by James Lovelock, Lynn Margulis, Steve Squyres, and former NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. Archived video recordings of several of the talks and panels are available here.

NAI’s new initiatives for the year (including the last ...

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This Year At a Glance

14 Teams
188 Project Reports
1017 Publications
71 Field Sites
Breakdown of Top Journal Publications
  • 27Science
  • 15PNAS
  • 25Nature