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  1. Astrobiology Strategy

    From 2013 – 2014, 800 members of the astrobiology community have contributed, through in person meetings, white papers, a series of webinars and reviews, to define a new strategy for the next decade of astrobiology research. Mary Voytek, the Senior Scientist for Astrobiology, and Michael New, the Astrobiology Discipline Scientist, described the goal of the endeavor to create an “inspirational and aspirational” document. The strategy will replace the 2008 Astrobiology Roadmap.

    The six major research areas in the field of astrobiology described are:

    • Identifying abiotic sources of organic compounds
    • Synthesis and function of macromolecules in the origin of life
    • Early life and increasing complexity
    • Co-evolution of life and the physical environment
    • Identifying, exploring, and characterizing environments for habitability and biosignatures
    • Constructing habitable worlds

    A pdf is available here.