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  1. October 18, 2019 Agenda

    10:00-10:15 Development of Agenda for Final NAI In-person EC Meeting, November 13th at Ames (Jon Rask, All)

    10:15-10:20 November 14th Astrobiology Event at Ames (Jon, All)

    10:20-10:40 Report-out on 2019 Astrobiology Graduate Conference, and PWR (Julia McGonigle and Becky Rapf)

    10:40-10:50 Announcements
    - 2019 Annual Report Plan/Schedule
    - Call for Nuggets
    - Conference/Workshops and Funding Due Dates
    - Others

    10:50-11:00 Open Mic: Highlights from Written Reports or Other Topics

    11:00-11:30 Extended Team Science: Ames Research Center, Malena Rice (Yale University), Hidden Planets: Implications from ‘Oumuamua and DSHARP

    11:30 Adjourn