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  1. May 29-30, 2019, NAI EC In-person Meeting

    The NAI Executive Council meeting on May 29-30 will be held in Greenbelt, Maryland and hosted by the Goddard Space Flight Center team.

    Corrie Eby,
    Desi Bridges,

    Please fill out the NAI EC Meeting RSVP page. We use this information for transportation planning and communication


    Goddard Space Flight Center
    Building 34, Room W305
    Greenbelt, MD 20771

    Link to a campus map HERE

    Lodging Reservations

    Holiday Inn Greenbelt
    7200 Hanover Drive
    Greenbelt, MD 20770

    Room Block Name: NAI EC Meeting
    Room rate: $129/night (Rate includes full buffet breakfast)
    Room block dates: May 28-31, 2019
    Room cut-off date: May 14, 2019

    Click here to make a reservation.

    Directions from the hotel to Goddard can be found HERE.


    Badging is required to enter GSFC and will be requested through the system following confirmation of attendance. Foreign Nationals must request a badge at least one month in advance (Foreign Nationals will need to fill out an additional form. More information coming soon). A form of ID (driver’s license or passport) is required to pick up the badge at the badging office.

    In accordance to the REAL ID Act, those with a driver’s license from the following states may require a second form of ID:
    – American Samoa
    – Arizona
    – Louisiana
    – Minnesota
    – New Hampshire
    – New York


    Wednesday, May 29th

    08:00–08:45 Continental Breakfast (provided at hotel)

    08:45–09:00 Welcome and Introductions

    09:00–10:00 Methane: A Pre-workshop Organizing Session
       - Biotic/Abiotic Sources
       - Destruction/Degradation
       - Methane on Mars
       - Alternative Earth Models

    10:00–10:30 BREAK

    10:30–11:30 Biosignatures: A Pre-workshop Organizing Session
       - Transitioning from the Exploration of Habitability to Biosignature
       - Scalability of Exploration
       - Instruments, Technologies and Methods
       - Brainstorming/Discussion

    11:30–12:00 Evolution of Biology Far from Equilibrium: A Pre-workshop Organizing Session
       - The origin of catalysis on Earth
       - The evolution of complex protein structure
       - The co-evolution of early biology and the environment

    12:00–12:45 LUNCH, for PIs (GSFC cafeteria)

    12:45–01:30 PI in camera Session (Team PIs only)

    01:30–02:00 Report-out from in camera Session (EC, NAI Central, NASA HQ only)

    02:00–03:00 Transitioning to the AB Research Collaborative Networks
       - Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments (PCE3)
       - Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS)
       - Network for Life Detection (NfoLD)
       - Ocean Worlds
       - Primitive Cells, Early Metabolism, Evolution, and Complexity

    03:00–03:30 BREAK

    03:30–04:00 NAI 20th Anniversary Update/Discussion
       - Event at Ames (November 13-15)
       - NAI Family Tree at AbSciCon
       - Special Session at AbSciCon
       - Others

    04:00–05:00 Other Business as Needed

    07:00 Dinner at the Severn Inn:
    1993 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Annapolis, Maryland 21409
    Map from GSFC to The Severn Inn:

    Thursday, May 30th

    08:00–08:45 Continental Breakfast (provided by hotel)

    09:00–12:00 Goddard Team Science Presentations

    09:00–09:10 Objectives of the GCA – Mike Mumma

    09:10–09:30 Steve Charnley: From the Interstellar Medium to Primitive Bodies

    09:30–09:50 Michael DiSanti: Towards a Compositional Taxonomy for Comets – Implications for Astrobiology

    09:50–10:10 Martin Cordiner: Comets with ALMA at mm Wavelengths – Emerging Lessons for Astrobiology

    10:10–10:30 Reggie Hudson: Laboratory Studies of Icy Solids and Chemical Evolution Relative to Origins

    10:30–11:00 BREAK

    11:00–11:20 Geronimo Villanueva: Methane and Water on Mars as Seen from Ground and Space

    11:20–11:40 Jennifer Stern: Abiotic Input of Fixed Nitrogen by Bolide Impacts to Gale Crater During the Hesperian

    11:40–12:00 Maeva Millan: Organic Compounds Identified by Curiosity on Mars

    12:00–01:00 LUNCH (GSFC cafeteria)

    Lunchtime talk: 12:55 – 1:15 Heather Graham: Agnostic Approaches to Life Detection

    01:15–04:00 GCA Involvement in Sample Return Missions to Primitive Bodies

    01:15–01:45 Jason Dworkin: Early Results from OSIRIS-REx Exploration of Asteroid Bennu

    01:45–02:15 Danny Glavin: Proposed Sample Return Mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

    02:15–03:45 Tour of Labs and Facilities (Building 34)

    02:15–02:45 Lab Tour #1 – SAM and MOMA Testbed labs – Charles Malespin

    02:45–03:15 Lab Tour #2 – Astrobiology Analytical Lab – Studies of meteorites to better understand the effect of extraterrestrial input and the origin of molecules relevant for life – Eric Parker

    03:15–03:45 Lab Tour #3 – Cosmic Dust lab: Synthesis of Organic Compounds on Interplanetary Dust Analogues – Natasha Johnson

    04:00 Depart Goddard