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  1. May 15-16, 2018 NAI EC In-Person Meeting

    The NAI Executive Council meeting on May 15-16, 2018 will be held in Boulder, CO and hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder Team.

    Desi Bridges
    (510) 468-2413

    Please fill out the NAI EC Meeting RSVP page. We use this information for transportation planning and communication.

    Meeting Locations

    Tuesday, May 15th
    Benson Earth Sciences Building, Rm. 380
    2200 Colorado Ave
    Boulder CO 80309

    For walking directions from Millennium Harvest House to the Benson Earth Sciences Building, click here.

    Wednesday, May 16th
    Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building
    3415 Colorado Ave
    Boulder, CO 80303

    For walking directions from Millennium Harvest House to the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building, click here.

    Lodging Reservations

    Millennium Harvest House Boulder
    1345 Twenty-Eighth Street
    Boulder, CO 80302-6899
    Ph: (303) 443-3850

    Room Block Name: NASA Astrobiology Institute
    Room Block Dates: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 to Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    Room Rate: $125/night
    Room Block Reservation Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018

    To book a room, visit the Millennium Hotel website.

    *To book additional nights outside of the room block, you will need to call the hotel directly.

    For directions from Denver International Airport (DEN) to Millennium Harvest House Boulder, click here. Route includes tolls.


    Tuesday, May 15th’s dinner will be held at:
    The Chautauqua Dining Hall
    900 Baseline Road
    Boulder, CO 80302

    *Please make sure to bring cash to pay for dinner. The estimated cost will be sent out prior to the meeting when the menu has been finalized.

    Agenda (draft)

    Tuesday, May 15th

    Meeting at Benson Earth Sciences Building, Rm. 380

    07:30–08:30 BREAKFAST

    08:30–09:00 Welcome and Introductions/ Objectives for Day 1

    09:00–09:10 PI Alexis Templeton: Introduction, Rock-Powered Life: Revealing Mechanisms of Energy Flow from the Lithosphere to the Biosphere

    University of Colorado Team Science Presentations (15 min + 5 min Q&A)

    09:10–09:30 Why Rock-Powered Life?, Tori Hoehler (NASA Ames)

    09:30–09:50 Energy Supply in Serpentinizing Systems: An Experimental Perspective, Tom McCollom (University of Colorado)

    09:50–10:10 Overcoming Thermodynamic and Biosynthetic Limitations for Primordial Life, Eric Boyd (Montana State University)

    10:10–10:40 BREAK

    10:40–11:00 Subsurface Biological Communities and Biogeochemical Processes in an Actively Serpentinizing System in Oman, Alexis Templeton (University of Colorado)

    11:00–11:20 Coupled Biology, Geochemistry and Hydrology at the California Coast Range Microbial Observatory, Matthew Schrenk (Michigan State University)

    11:20–11:40 Clumped Isotopologue Identification of Multiple Sources of Methane Associated with Serpentinization, Shuhei Ono (Massachussetts Institute of Technology)

    11:40–12:00 IODP Expedition 357 Atlantis Massif: Serpentinization and Life. Mineralogy and Fe Chemistry in Serpentinites. Lisa Mayhew (University of Colorado)

    12:00–12:20 Metagenomic Investigations of Serpentinite Hosted Systems, William Brazelton (University of Utah)

    12:20-12:30 Logistics (directions, map for dinner, group photo, etc.)

    12:30-01:15 LUNCH

    01:15 Depart for Tour of Edgar Experimental Mine, Idaho Springs. Field trip will be led by John Spear (Colorado School of Mines)

    05:00 Return to Boulder

    06:30 GROUP DINNER at Dining Hall at Chautauqua Park

    Wednesday, May 16th

    Meeting at Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building A400

    07:30–08:30 BREAKFAST

    08:30–09:00 Welcome & Introductions/ Objectives for Day 2 (Penny/Carol Carroll, Deputy Director NASA Ames Research Center)

    Welcome New NAI CAN-8 Teams

    09:00–09:20 JPL-Titan (PI Rosaly Lopes) Summary Presentation / Q&A

    09:20–09:40 Rutgers University (PI Paul Falkowski) Summary Presentation / Q&A

    09:40–10:00 Pennsylvania State University (PI Katherine Freeman) Summary Presentation / Q&A

    10:00–10:30 BREAK

    10:30–11:00 Presentation: NASA Astrobiology Program (Mary Voytek, Michael New, Lindsay Hays; remotely)

    11:00–11:30 General Discussion: Ames Research Center Dep. Director Carol Carroll

    11:30–12:30 LUNCH

    12:30–01:00 PI in camera Session

    01:00–01:30 Report out from in camera session (NAI EC, NAI Central, and HQ only)

    01:30–03:00 Presentations from CAN-7 Teams (~10 min/team)

    03:00–03:30 Start Planning for the Integration of Team Science

    03:30 ADJORN