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  1. February 16, 2018 Agenda

    10:00-10:30 Planning for May and September In-person EC Meetings (Penny and Frank)

    10:30-10:50 NAI 20th Anniversary (All)

    10:50-11:00 Announcements
    - NASA Postdoctoral Program (Astrobiology), due March 1
    - 3rd Ocean Worlds Meeting, abstracts due March 7
    - NAS White Papers on the Exoplanet Science Strategy, March 9
    - AbGradCon 2018, poster opportunity for undergrads
    - Others (see charts)

    11:00-11:10 Open Mic: Highlights from Written Reports or Other Topics

    11:10-11:30 Extended Team Science: Georgia Tech Team – Eric Smith, Stochastic Population Processes with Concurrency: From Non-equilibrium Chemistry to a Foundation for Coevolutionary Sufficiency

    11:30 Adjourn