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2003 Annual Science Report

University of Colorado, Boulder Reporting  |  JUL 2002 – JUN 2003

Executive Summary

The University of Colorado Center for Astrobiology continued its broad efforts that span the entire range of disciplines within astrobiology. We have substantial components within astrobiology research, teaching, and outreach, and each of these will be described briefly.

Within research, our efforts divide into several overall themes, focussing on the physical sciences, the biological sciences, and the humanities. Each of our nine Co-Investigators fits within one or two of these themes.

In the physical sciences, our efforts emphasize the formation of planetary systems (Co-I John Bally), the earliest environment and potential for life on the Earth (Steve Mojzsis), the nature and evolution of planetary habitability (Brian Toon), and the habitability and potential for life on Mars (Bruce Jakosky).

One of the outstanding questions in planet formation around newly forming stars is under what conditions planets will form and under what conditions they will not. Our ...

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