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2003 Annual Science Report

NASA Ames Research Center Reporting  |  JUL 2002 – JUN 2003

Executive Summary

Ames Research Center NAI team has maintained a coordinated research program that links the formation, evolution, and climates of habitable planets; the roles of interstellar chemistry in supplying potential biological precursors to these worlds; the origins and nature of metabolism in the first cells; the impact of established biospheres on planetary climate and crustal and atmospheric chemistry, emphasizing the formation of detectable biosignatures; the response of vegetation to regional climate change; and, finally, the potential for life to transcend planetary boundaries through transfer between habitable worlds. Our program for education and public outreach captures these themes to develop an engaging and informative package that is being disseminated to national- and international-scale audiences. This is being achieved through partnerships with the California Academy of Sciences (CAS), Yellowstone National Park (YNP), New York Hall of Science, and several K-14 educational organizations. Strong conceptual and functional links to ...

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