Dr. John Rummel has been named as the recipient of the 2023 Drake Award. Rummel was recognized by the SETI Instutute for his, “extraordinary and innovative programmatic contributions and unwavering advocacy for SETI and astrobiology.”

Rummel was a key figure in the development of astrobiology research at NASA. After completing postdoctoral work at the NASA Ames Researcher, he served as NASA’s Exobiology Program Manager and Research Programs Branch Chief in the Life Sciences Division. Rummel worked at NASA Headquarters as NASA’s Senior Scientist for Astrobiology and as NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer (PPO). During his career at NASA, Rummel also served as Deputy Chief of the Mission from Planet Earth Study Office, and Program Scientist for SETI/High Resolution Microwave Survey.

The Drake Award is administered by the SETI Institute in honor of Dr. Frank Drake. The award celebrates the outstanding acheivements of scientists whose work has furthered our understanding of life’s potential in the Universe.

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