Amended April 10, 2018. The proposal due dates for this program element have been changed. The Step-1 due date is now May 24, 2018 and the Step-2 due date is now July 26, 2018. In addition, Section 2.2.3 has been updated. New text is in bold and deleted text is struck through.

This program element uses a two-step proposal submission process described in Section 2 of program element C.1

The goal of the Laboratory Analysis of Returned Samples (LARS) Program is to maximize the science derived from planetary sample-return missions. Activities supported by LARS fall into two categories: (1) development of laboratory instrumentation and/or advanced techniques required for the analysis of returned samples; (2) direct analysis of samples already returned to Earth.

All proposed work must be in support of the overarching goals of the Planetary Science Research Program to help ascertain the content, origin, and evolution of the Solar System and the potential for life elsewhere, consistent with the strategy for Planetary Science Exploration embodied in the 2014 NASA Science Plan.

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NASA Astrobiology provides resources for LARS and other Research and Analysis programs within the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) that solicit proposals relevant to astrobiology research.