NOTICE: Proposals to this program will be taken by a two-step process in which the Notice of Intent is replaced by a required Step-1 proposal submitted by an organization Authorized Organizational Representative. No PDF upload is required or permitted for the Step-1 proposal. Step-1 proposers merely must fill in the Proposal Summary text box on the NSPIRES cover pages. Only proposers who submit a Step-1 proposal are eligible to submit a Step-2 (full) proposal. See Section 3 for details.

Important Dates:
Step-1 Due Date: November 15, 2018
Step-2 Due Date: January 17, 2019

The goal of the Habitable Worlds program is to use knowledge of the history of the Earth and the life upon it as a guide for determining the processes and conditions that create and maintain habitable environments and to search for ancient and contemporary habitable environments and explore the possibility of extant life beyond the Earth.

NASA’s Habitable Worlds Program includes elements of the Astrobiology Program, the Mars Exploration Program, the Outer Planets Program (all in the Planetary Science Division), Exoplanet research in the Astrophysics Division, and Living With a Star in Heliophysics. A common goal of these programs is to identify the characteristics and the distribution of potentially habitable environments in the Solar System and beyond.

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