Members of the Network for Life Detection (NfoLD) will investigate life detection research, including biosignature creation and preservation, as well as related technology development.

The Network for Life Detection


The goal of NfoLD is to promote communication, coordination, and synergy among researchers in the fields relevant to life detection. The diverse expertise needed to develop and implement strategies to search for evidence of life beyond Earth is distributed across multiple science and technology disciplines, some of which are not primarily focused on astrobiology questions. NfoLD aims to build a cohesive life detection community whose research and expertise becomes integral to all stages of astrobiology-themed solar system and exoplanet mission activity, from inception to operations.

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Logo for the Network for Life Detection Seminar Series website.
Click on the image to visit the NfoLD Webinar Series page. Here you will find upcoming and past webinars from the network covering topics related to life detection.Image credit: NfoLD.


The NfoLD team maintain a blog with current information on activities within the network and opportunities available to researchers interested in the search for life. An archive of past NfoLD Newsletters is also available on the NfoLD website.

An example of a single-slide research nugget from NfoLD. The title of the research is Organic synthesis associated with serpentinization and carbonation on early Mars.
Click on the image to check out research nuggets from NfoLD. These slides present research from the network in an easy to consume form and highlight the exciting discoveries in the search for signs of life in the Universe.Image credit: NfoLD.

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