The Network for Ocean Worlds (NOW) Seminar Series: Season 2, Episode 1 is now available to view online.

Signs of Life: Detection & Characterization
Presented by Dr. Marc Neveu (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Dr. Richard Quinn (NASA Ames Research Center)

The full presentation can be found on the NOW website at: Details of the next installment of the seminar series will be also posted in the coming weeks.

The Network for Ocean Worlds is a NASA Astrobiology Research Coordination Network connecting researchers exploring the oceans of the solar system. For more information on NOW, visit:

NOW Season 2: Motivations for Ocean Worlds Exploration

    Episode 1: Signatures of Life: Detection and Characterization
    Episode 2: Geophysics & Habitability
    Episode 3: Geochemistry & Habitability
    Episode 4: Geology & Habitability

Series Organizers:

  • Samuel Howell (Host, NASAJPL)
  • Ella Sciamma-O’Brien (NASA Ames)
  • Shannon MacKenzie (JHU-APL)
  • Michael Malaska (NASAJPL)

    NOW Project Coordinatior:

  • Kathryn Pietro (WHOI)

    NOW Co-Leads:

  • Chris German (WHOI)
  • Alison Murray (DRI)
  • Alyssa Rhoden (SWRI)
  • Kevin Arrigo (Stanford)