April 17, 2020
Program News

Gravity Assist Season 4

The fourth season of NASA's podcast hosted by Jim Green will focus on the question of life beyond Earth

View the trailer for Gravity Assist Season 4. The new season premiers today and is available at: https://www.nasa.gov/gravityassist

Have you ever wondered if there’s life beyond Earth? NASA’s “Gravity Assist” podcast, hosted by NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green, will tackle this huge question in season 4. In a series of fascinating conversations with scientists, we’ll explore what it means for something to be a form of life, what allowed life to develop on Earth, and where in the solar system and beyond life may be lurking right now. New episodes will be released Fridays starting today.

The first episode of season 4 features Dr. Mary Voytek, NASA Senior Scientist for Astrobiology. The podcast is available on multiple platforms, and further details are available at NASA’s Gravity Assist page:

NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green in the studio.
NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green in the studio.Image credit: NASA.