NASA’s Network for Ocean Worlds (NOW) will be holding their next Future Leaders in Ocean Worlds (FLOW) Career Development Coffee Hour on July 26, 2021. The FLOW series provides an opportunity for early career scientists to gain insight from specialists in a range of fields relevant to ocean world research.

Date: Monday July 26th, 2021
Time: 11am ET/ 8am PT
Career Paths: Government Sector

Sharon Walker (Oceanographer, NOAA)
Dr. Laurie Barge (Research Scientist, NASAJPL)
Dr. Elliot Sefton-Nash (Planetary Scientist, ESA)
Dr. Bethany Theiling (Research Scientist, NASA Goddard)

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The Network for Ocean Worlds (NOW) is a NASA Research Coordination Network (RCN). NOW was formed to advance comparative studies to characterize Earth and other ocean worlds across their interiors, oceans, and cryospheres; to investigate their habitability; to search for biosignatures; and to understand lifeā€”in relevant ocean world analogues and beyond. The network is designed to accelerate ocean worlds research by facilitating communication among active research teams funded across NASA divisions and by expanding community-wide engagement.

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For more information on RCNs supported by the NASA Astrobiology Program, visit the Astrobiology@NASA page.