An Ocean Worlds Working Group (OWWG) will be formed as to communicate the goals and needs of the Ocean Worlds community to NASA. The OWWG will communicate findings through Assessment Groups (AGs) to NASA’s Planetary Science Advisory Committee (PAC).

Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG), and the Network for Ocean Worlds (NOW) have formed a joint committee to select two Co-Chairs.

Self-nominations packages should include the following:

1. 1-page cover letter including:

  • a. A discussion of your experience with Ocean World science and related activities
  • b. A discussion that describes your vision for the OWWG and engagement of the broader OW community
  • c. A discussion of your leadership style and values that you would bring to the role of Co-Chair
  • d. A discussion of your experience with IDEA best practices within the planetary community
  • e. An explanation of why you wish to serve as Co-Chair and how the role would align with your other professional responsibilities.
2. A 2-page CV

More details, including the full OWWG selection charter, can be found here: