On May 18-21, 2017, the NASA Astrobiology Institute team at the University of Illinois presented interactive displays and lectures about the Emergence of Life and Astrobiology in Yellowstone at Chicago’s Field Museum.

Positioned between the Field’s iconic T. rex “Sue” and the warring bull elephants, displays explored the revolutionary NASA-supported work on molecular phylogeny pioneered by Carl Woese, the origin and evolution of life on Earth, and microbial biomarkers in hot springs. More than 30,000 museum visitors visited the displays, and 450 high school students (90% from underrepresented populations) from the Chicago Public School system were brought to the Field Museum for the event.

Partners included the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology World of Genomics, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS), the 150th Anniversary of the NPS, the Yellowstone Forever Institute, Zeiss Microscopes, and the Mayo Clinic.

To learn more about NASA Astrobiology educational programs and resources, visit: https://astrobiology.nasa.gov/education/