AbGradCon (Astrobiology Graduate Conference) provides a unique setting for astrobiologically-inclined graduate students and early career researchers to come together to share their research, collaborate, and network. AbGradCon 2019 marks the 15th year of this conference—each time in a different place and organized by a different group of students, but always with the original charter as a guide.

Streaming Tuesday July 22 – Thursday July 25

Watch the Live Webcast

Since it is organized and attended by only graduate students, post docs, and select undergraduates, AbGradCon is an ideal venue for the next generation of career astrobiologists to form bonds, share ideas, and discuss the issues that will shape the future of the field. Take a look at the AbGradCon 2018 conference website to see what’s happened in the past.

The entire conference will also be webcast on the AbGradCon website and on SAGANet, the social network for all things astrobiology.

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