On October 2-5, 2019 the Space Research Institute (IKI) and the Vernadsky Institute (GEOKHI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team are hosting the “Potential Landing Sites and Cloud Layer Habitability” Workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to refine observation concepts for the study of the Venus planet system (atmosphere, surface and interior), including its astrobiology. Abstracts related to one or more of these four categories: i) landing sites targets, ii) habitability and bio species survival (current research and theory), iii) surface/atmosphere/bio species instrumentation and sampling systems, and iv) laboratory studies are solicited, the abstract deadline is August 10, 2019.

Please see the VEXAGURL: www.lpi.usra.edu/vexag for conference details and abstract formatting instructions. Mid to early career scientists are strongly encouraged to attend and some NASA travel support for US citizens may be possible.

Please email notifications of interest by June 3, 2019 to venera-d@cosmos.ru, subject: JSDT 2019 Workshop (category of interest). Include your name and abstract title in the body of the message.