The 4th Dust, Atmosphere, and Plasma Environment of the Moon and Small Bodies (DAP-2023) workshop will be held over three days from June 5-7, 2023 in Boulder, CO.

The DAP-2023 workshop will be hosted by the SSERVI-IMPACT team at the University of Colorado, and will be a forum to (i) discuss our current understanding of the surface environment of the Moon and other small bodies, (ii) share new results from past and ongoing missions to the Moon, airless bodies and comets, and (iii) describe expectations, problems, and solutions for planned future missions to dusty destinations.

DAP-2023 will follow the tradition of three previous workshops, LDAP-2010, DAP-2012, and DAP-2017. Contributions to each of these workshops were published in special issues of Planetary and Space Sciences.