‚ÄčTelecon 1: Martian Environments, Facies, and Ages: Evidence for Rock-Hosted Waters
What is the evidence for ancient Mars environmental conditions? What is the likelihood of habitats for rock-hosted life?
December 19, 8:30AM PST // facilitated by Bethany Ehlmann, Paul Niles

Telecon 2: Metabolisms and Niches for Terrestrial Rock-Hosted Life
Where rock-hosted life found on earth today? What are its metabolisms and products?
December 20, 8:30AM PST // facilitated by Tullis Onstott, Jeff Marlow

Telecon 3: Paleo-Rock-Hosted Life Biosignature Detection and Characterization
How do we detect signs of paleo (non-extant) rock-hosted life? Where/how do we find evidence for this on Earth?
January 13, 8:30AM PST // facilitated by Barbara Sherwood-Lollar, Haley Sapers

Telecon 4: Advanced Instrumentation Techniques for Finding Biosignatures
What are the latest techniques in biosignature detection, including new capabilities expected in the next decades? (e.g. in mass spectrometry, synchrotron-based analyses, nano-SIMS)
Approx. week of January 23, morning PST (exact time TBD) // facilitated by Max Coleman, Paul Niles

The URL for the meeting is: https://connect.arc.nasa.gov/rocklife2017/

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For further schedule and information about the working group, see: http://web.gps.caltech.edu/~rocklife2017/