The Astrobiology Town Hall will be held September 8, 2023, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern time. The meeting will cover topics including updates about the NASA Astrobiology Program and discussions of astrobiology involvement in future Mars missions.

The Astrobiology Town Hall
Schedule (ET) Time Topic Speaker
1:00pm5WelcomeLindsay Hays
1:05pm35Astrobiology @NASA HQ
  • Intro to Senior Scientist for Astrobiology Strategy
  • Announcing Astrobiology Program Scientist Roles Astrobiology Program Updates
  • R&A recap
  • Ideation Factory
  • Biosignatures IdeasLab
  • Fieldwork
  • David Grinspoon
    Lindsay Hays
    Daniella Scalice
    Aaron Gronstal
    1:55pm55RCN OutbriefsRCN Co-Leads
    3:05pm15Mars Future PlanTiffany Morgan
    3:20pm25International Mars Ice Mapper (I-MIM)Rick Davis
    Usui Tomohiro

    Please check back for updates.