Access to Space:
Increased Science Return through Rideshare and Utilizing Excess-mass Lift Capacity Workshop

This Workshop is sponsored by the NASA Science Mission Directorate to gauge and solicit community inputs on the best way to create, fully populate, and manage a pipeline of secondary payloads to support the NASASMD policy of adding a secondary payload carrier for all SMD missions with excess-mass lift capacity.

The goals of this Workshop are to provide the following info to decision makers:

- Identify shortfalls in current methodologies
- Understanding of new strategies to maximize available secondary payloads to populate the Rideshare pipeline
- Definition of instrument/sensor use cases that maximize use of excess-mass lift capacity
- Quantifying the potential increase of the science return on investment
- Understanding of technology areas requiring new investment to use the excess-mass lift capacity.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Laurel, Maryland, 20723, USA

George Ho, JHUAPL