Third Edition
The Astrobiology Primer 3.0 (ABP3.0) is a concise introduction to the field of astrobiology for students and others who are new to the field of astrobiology. It provides an entry into the broader materials in this supplementary issue of Astrobiology and an overview of the investigations and driving hypotheses that make up this interdisciplinary field. You can download a copy of the 2024 primer here from the journal Astrobiology.

Second Edition
Revised in 2016, the second edition of the Primer contains revised content that addresses the definition of life in scientific research, the origins of planets and planetary systems, the evolution and interactions of life on Earth, habitability on worlds beyond Earth, the search for life, and the overall implications of the research. The Primer is intended to be a resource for early-career scientists, especially graduate students, who are new to astrobiology. However, the publication can serve as a resource for anyone seeking to understand the framework of the field. Download the new 2016 primer here.

First Edition
The first edition of the Astrobiology Primer was published in 2006 providing a comprehensive introduction to the field. Sponsored by the NAI, the Primer was spearheaded by editor-in-chief Lucas Mix, and represented the work of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and countless contributors. Intended as a reference tool, it provided information in 7 topics: Stellar Formation and Evolution, Planetary Formation and Evolution, Astrobiogeochemistry and the Origin of Life, Evolution of Life Through Time, Planet Detection and Characterization, Diversity of Life, and Science in Space. You can download a copy of the 2006 primer here.