New application deadline: February 1, 2016
Renewal application deadline: March 15, 2016

The Planetary Research Program seeks proposals for their graduate fellowship program. The applications should be solicited by accredited U.S. universities on behalf of individuals pursuing Masters or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Earth and space sciences, or related disciplines.

The program invites a wide range of investigations into the nature and origin of the celestial bodies in our Solar System and whether life exists beyond Earth. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

- the formation and evolution of the Solar System and planetary systems in general

- planetary bodies, satellites, and small bodies within planetary systems

- extraterrestrial materials which enhance the scientific return of missions through the analysis of data collected during those missions

More information is available at the NSPIRES website.

For further information contact for NESSF Earth Science Research:
Claire Macaulay

or for NESSF Heliophysics Research, Planetary Science Research, and Astrophysics Research:
Dolores Holland