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Join thousands of other astrobiologists, students and science enthusiasts on SAGANet, the social network for all things astrobiology. Once you become a member, you can participate in the SAGANet Chat Room located at the bottom right of your screen. The chat room is always on, but will be monitored for questions during live broadcasts.


Tweet your questions and comments to @saganorg with hashtag #AskAstrobio during our live broadcasts. If you have a question for an upcoming speaker in the schedule, please tweet us your thoughts ahead of time. Questions that are tweeted during offline hours will also be addressed and may end up on our next show!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of questions are you looking for?

Ask An Astrobiologist is happy to answer any questions related to the field of astrobiology. These questions can be about science, astrobiology career paths, future astrobiology missions, NASA, etc. Any questions or comments that are malicious, and/or not scientifically relevant, will not be addressed.

Is my question guaranteed to be answered?

All of the questions that we receive will be screened to make sure that they are appropriate, scientifically focused, and relevant. Ask An Astrobiologist strives to answer as many questions as possible, but due to the volume of questions that we receive, we may not get to yours. If your question has not been answered, but it follows all of our basic guidelines, please feel free to ask it again at a later time.

How will my question be answered?

Most questions will be fielded during the live broadcast of the Ask An Astrobiologist show. Some questions may be answered directly through twitter, if possible.