Researchers who do not have a NASA funded grant are not eligible to be a member of the steering committee. Most RCNs have affiliated membership that welcomes all practicing scientists at all stages in areas of research relevant to the scope of the RCN. In addition, all researchers in relevant fields are welcome and encouraged to be a part of any of the community-based activities (workshops, symposia, hackathons, etc.) that are one of the main mechanisms by which the RCNs are acting to bring the community together. For example, past in person workshops initiated by NExSS, that included the broader exoplanet, earth science and heliophysics research community include Upstairs Downstairs, Exoplanets Biosignatures, Habitable Worlds, and Exoplanetary Space Weather. Additionally, virtual workshops were held, such as the Inaugural Prebiotic Chemistry & Early Earth Environments (PCE3) Community Workshop and NfoLD’s workshop on the Inter-Connections between Life-Detection Science and Technology.

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