Each RCN is self-governing and managed by three to four funded Principal Investigators (co-leads) in that network. NASA Astrobiology Program staff, along with representatives of relevant research elements and SMD Divisions, select the RCN co-leads from the PIs whose research has been funded in the relevant area and who have elected to be a member of the RCN. RCN co-leads are responsible for organizing meetings of all other self-elected members of the RCN to meet the objectives that have been set out for each RCN. Co-leads manage the steering committee and report to Astrobiology Program staff regularly on the status and accomplishments of the group. PIs can request funding to offset the administrative burden associated with RCN leadership. In addition to the co-leads, the management of each RCN will include a larger steering committee whose membership is comprised all Principal Investigators of awards who have elected to be part of the RCN.

Astrobiology FAQ