In the future, proposals will be solicited that describe an interdisciplinary approach to a single, compelling question in astrobiology, and may address a single 2015 Astrobiology Strategy goal or several Science Strategy goals, for projects larger than the scope of the individual research programs, but within the scope of the Research Coordination Networks. The NASA Astrobiology Program will fund these types of awards through a new solicitation tentatively called Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research (ICAR). When applying to this program, proposing teams will be able to specify which RCN their research would be relevant to, and if selected, which network they would join. PSD is targeting the end of the second quarter of 2019 for the release of the first ICAR solicitation, with proposals targeted to be due in the fourth quarter, and selection of up to 5 teams announced in early 2020. ICAR calls will occur on the order of every two years, and will stagger RCN topics that will be included.

Astrobiology FAQ