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2002 Annual Science Report

University of California, Los Angeles Reporting  |  JUL 2001 – JUN 2002

Executive Summary

The interests of astrobiology reach outward to the vastness of interstellar space and inward on Earth to the rock-entrapped fossils of microorganisms that lived as long ago as 4 billion years. Because of the range of its endeavors and objectives, astrobiology is best characterized by the diversity of its multiapproach studies in which attempts are made to access fundamental information about the history of life and its progress on Earth, about the likeli;hood of extreaterrestrial life, and about the ways in which cosmic forces function to directly and indirectly influence the probability of life in other planetary systems.

Astrobiology research at UCLA is focused on six main themes: (1) geobiology and geochemistry of early Earth and Mars; (2) extrasolar planetary systems; (3) exploration for life in the Solar System; (4) evolution of Earth’s early life; (5) genomic evolution and the Tree of Life; and ... Continue reading.

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