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2002 Annual Science Report

Scripps Research Institute Reporting  |  JUL 2001 – JUN 2002

Executive Summary

Astrobiological research seeks to define and elaborate the life-originating conditions, processes, and events that prevailed early in Earth’s history. This means confronting and understanding the immensely complex chemistry that was responsible for that wondrous transition ?perhaps 3-4 billion years ago? from Earth’s pre-biotic, inanimate molecules to living organisms.

What is life? What are the requirements for its origins and evolution? How can living systems be identified elsewhere in the Universe? These are some of the most fundamental questions in astrobiology. Under the auspices of the Scripps Research Institute, a multi-institutional research team has been assembled to explore a variety of interdisciplinary experimental approaches to self-reproducing molecular systems and Darwinian chemistry. Through the design and study of diverse and novel chemical systems in the laboratory, we seek to garner a better understanding of life and its origins.

In the past year our team has continued to ... Continue reading.

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