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2007 Annual Science Report

Indiana University, Bloomington Reporting  |  JUL 2006 – JUN 2007

Executive Summary

Borehole installation of instrumented monitoring and sampling equipment for study of geochemical and biological processes in permafrost environments is the top research priority for the Indiana-Princeton-Tennessee Astrobiology Initiative. We are partnering with scientists from University of Waterloo, Canada and from the Geological Survey of Finland on completion of a scientific borehole that intersects sub-permafrost groundwater in fractured Archean strata at High Lake in the Nunavat Territory of Canada. The High Lake mining property is located in a greenstone belt containing both felsic and mafic metavolcanics and is the site of a significant copper-zinc deposit that is frozen to a depth of about 450 meters. In July of 2006, the artic field team (Onstott from Princeton, Pfiffner from Tennessee, Johnson from Indiana, Stotler from Waterloo, and Ruskeeniemi and Tallika from Finland) traveled to the High Lake property and set up a core processing lab. An anaerobic ... Continue reading.

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