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2001 Annual Science Report

NASA Johnson Space Center Reporting  |  JUL 2000 – JUN 2001

Executive Summary

Executive Summary — JSC (dm)

The JSC Astrobiology Institute Team is very diverse and has about as many non-JSC members as it does JSC members. Most of the JSC team consists of contractor scientists, student interns, a NAI post-doctoral fellow, and scientists from nearby institutions. Our team represents a variety of disciplines including geology, mineralogy, microbial physiology, geochemistry, and planetology.

The uniting theme for the JSC team is sample and material analysis to provide characterization data on terrestrial samples, astromaterials, and experimental samples. The types of data sought are usually features related to microbial life. Such features include morphology of living microbes and their surroundings including biofilms, as well as the morphology of fossilized forms of these living biota. In addition to morphology, chemistry and mineralogy of microbial produced features and fossilized microbes are of great interest to us. We typically using probe instruments ... Continue reading.

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