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2001 Annual Science Report

University of Colorado, Boulder Reporting  |  JUL 2000 – JUN 2001

Executive Summary

Executive Summary — CUB (dm)

University of Colorado Center for Astrobiology has supported the following general activities:

â?¢ Sponsored public symposium on “Is there intelligent life elsewhere?”.
â?¢ Sponsored graduate and undergraduate courses in astrobiology.
â?¢ Prepared proposal to the CU Graduate School for a Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology.
â?¢ CU filled a faculty position in astrobiology with Prof. Stephen Mojzsis in Dept. of Geological Sciences.
â?¢ Sponsored creation of an undergraduate “Astrobiology Society”.
â?¢ Sponsored monthly astrobiology colloquium and informal Co-Investigator research forum.

Research activities sponsored by the Center for Astrobiology using support from the NASA Astrobiology Institute included:

(i) Constraints on planet formation (John Bally, lead). We found compelling evidence for growth of dust grains in the outer portions of the largest protoplanetary disks in the Orion Nebula, providing insight into the very first stages of planet formation. Assessment of hazards of ... Continue reading.

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