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  1. 2017 Santander Summer School: Scholars

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    Toluwalope Bamisile
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Research Area: Analysis of iron-rich amorphous weathering products in serpentine soils and implications for amorphous materials on Mars
    Advisor: Libby Hausrath
    Zarah Brown
    CU for Undergraduate; starting at the University of Arizona
    Research Area: Small-scale dynamic features of Saturn’s rings
    Advisor: Larry Esposito
    Jade Checlair
    University of Chicago
    Research Area: Habitability of tidally locked planets around M-stars
    Advisor: Dorian S. Abbot
    Russell Deitrick
    University of Washington
    Research Area: Orbital dynamics of exoplanets and habitability
    Advisor: Rory Barnes
    Eric Dunham
    Montana State University
    Research Area: Subglacial life supported by lithogenic hydrogen
    Advisor: Eric Boyd
    Brianna Galgano
    Vanderbilt University
    Research Area: Characterization of spectra from low-mass stars and exoplanet hosts in the Milky Way
    Advisor: Keivan Stassun
    Marina Gemma
    Columbia University/American Museum of Natural History
    Research Area: Characterization of early solar system processes using trace element chemistry of chondrites
    Advisor: Denton Ebel
    Xueying (Sherry) Guo
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Research Area: Exoplanet occurrence rate; stellar spectroscopy; exoplanet atmosphere modeling
    Advisor: John Johnson; Sarah Ballard
    Benjamin Hayworth
    Pennsylvania State University
    Research Area: Feasibility of Atmospheric Ammonia as an Exoplanetary Biosignature using 1-D Climate and Photochemical Modeling
    Advisor: James Kasting
    Ninos Hermis
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Research Area: Electrochemistry of early Earth hydrothermal chimneys with simulations of prebiotic chemistry
    Advisor: Gael Roudier
    Ella Holme
    Stony Brook
    Research Area: Characterizing the habitability of aqueous environments based on the effect of Fe-redox state and Fe-mineral precipitation processes on water body chemistry
    Advisor: Joel Hurowitz
    Owen Lehmer
    University of Washington
    Research Area: Formation, evolution, and detection of atmospheres on terrestrial planets
    Advisor: David Catling
    Ben Lew
    University of Arizona
    Research Area: Study the cloud vertical structure of exoplanet and brown dwarf atmospheres
    Advisor: Daniel Apai
    Alejandro Lorenzo
    Arizona State University
    Research Area: Characterize rocky exoplanets by utilizing mass and radius measurements together with host star abundances. Understand how composition dictates geodynamics processes and whole plan
    Advisor: Steven Desch
    Rebecca Payne
    Pennsylvania State University
    Research Area: Atmospheric photochemistry of early Earth and Mars
    Advisor: James Kasting
    Benjamin Rackham
    University of Arizona
    Research Area: Observations of transiting exoplanet atmospheres
    Advisor: Daniel Apai
    Malena Rice
    Yale University
    Research Area: Exoplanet orbital dynamics; formation and evolution of planetary systems
    Advisor: Greg Laughlin
    Chloe Stanton
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Research Area: Precambrian nitrogen biogeochemistry and atmospheric modeling
    Advisor: Jen Glass
    Lisa Taylor
    University of Kentucky
    Research Area: Microbiology and Evolutionary Genomics
    Advisor: David Westneat
    Guadalupe Tovar
    University of Washington
    Research Area: Using coupled climate and photochemical models to understand Early Earth
    Advisor: Victoria Meadows
    Melissa Ugelow
    CU Boulder
    Research Area: Planetary haze analog formation and optical properties
    Advisor: Margaret Tolbert
    Elizabeth (Libby) Fones
    Montana State University
    Research Area: Serpentinite and hydrothermal hosted ecosystems
    Advisor: Eric Boyd