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  1. 2017 International Summer School in Astrobiology: Exoplanet Habitability

    The 2017 International Summer School in Astrobiology was held at the summer campus of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander, Spain from June 25 – 30, 2017.

    The theme of the 2017 International Summer School in Astrobiology was Exoplanet Habitability. With the discoveries of small planets orbiting nearby stars mounting and new characterization methods appearing, the discovery of life beyond the Solar System may occur in the near future. However, the challenges in recognizing habitable exoplanets, i.e. those with liquid water, remain significant. This school brought together scientists interested in observational techniques that can probe terrestrial planet properties, as well as the physical processes that dictate planetary features such as planet formation, atmospheric phenomena, and geophysical effects.

    Traditionally, the search for habitable exoplanets begins with identifying terrestrial exoplanets orbiting in their host star’s habitable zone, a shell around a star in which a planet with an Earth-like atmosphere could support liquid water on the surface. While this condition must be met, many additional features are important which can be roughly divided into factors due to the host star, the planetary system, and the planet itself. This school explored the connections between these aspects of planetary systems that permit habitable surface environments. The intellectual connections the students develop at this school will facilitate interdisciplinary research that brings the groundbreaking discovery of life beyond Earth within our grasp.

    Click here to view the 2017 Summer School final report.

    Confirmed Lecturers:

    Giada Arney (Goddard Space Flight Center)
    Adrian Lenardic (Rice University)
    Additional lecturers coming soon.

    Summer School Scholars

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    Sponsoring Organizations:

    NAINASA Astrobiology Institute
    CAB – Spanish Centro de Astrobiología
    ESA – European Space Agency
    UIMP – Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo