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  1. 2016 Santander Summer School: Scholars

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    Heather Buelow
    University of New Mexico
    Field: Microbial ecology of Antarctic exposed soils and perennially ice-covered lakes as analog environments
    Advisor: Cristina Takacs-Vesbach
    Paul Kintner
    University of Washington
    Field: Glaciology and habitability of subglacial lakes through radar techniques and direct probing
    Advisor: Dale Winebrenner
    Chloe Hart
    University of Washington
    Field: Geomicrobiology and energetics of microbial growth
    Advisor: Drew Gorman-Lewis
    Amanda Truitt
    Arizona State University
    Field: Studying how the chemical diversity in observed stellar abundances drives the evolution of stars and habitable zones for exo-planetary systems
    Advisor: Patrick Young
    Holly Farris
    University of Arkansas
    Field: Stability of liquid water and habitability of Mars
    Advisor: Vincent Chevrier
    Gareth Trubl
    Ohio State University
    Field: Viral carbon transformations in thawing permafrost soils via virus-induced microbial mortality and viral controls on host metabolism
    Advisors: Virginia Rich and Matthew Sullivan
    Alexander Thelen
    New Mexico State University
    Field: Spatial and temporal variations of organic molecules in planetary atmospheres
    Advisor: Nancy Chanover
    Donna Viola
    University of Arizona
    Field: Subsurface ice in the northern mid-latitudes of Mars
    Advisor: Alfred McEwen
    Gina Oliver
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Field: High-pressure geomicrobiology, microbial growth in deep biosphere conditions
    Advisor: Karyn L. Rogers
    Jason Williams
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Field: Characterizing terrestrial analogs for ancient aqueous environments on Mars
    Advisor: Sally Potter-McIntyre
    Katherine Primm
    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Field: Aqueous and ice formation on Martian soils
    Advisor: Margaret Tolbert
    Laura Rodriguez
    Penn State University
    Field: Prebiotic chemistry of nitrogen heterocycles; pre-RNA chemistry
    Advisor: Christopher House
    Melody Lindsay
    Montana State University Bozeman
    Field: Geochemical controls on hydrogen metabolism in Yellowstone National Park hot springs
    Advisor: Eric Boyd
    Sarah Black
    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Field: Characterization of terrestrial hydrothermal sites as analogs for early Mars, with implications for habitability
    Advisor: Brian Hynek
    Stephanie Olson
    University of California, Riverside
    Field: Precambrian marine biogoechemistry and Earth system modeling
    Advisor: Tim Lyons
    Stephanie Ralston
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Field: Constraining the aqueous history of Gale Crater, Mars by examining the amorphous soil component
    Advisor: Libby Hausrath
    Nathan Nguyen
    Yale University
    Field: Cell Biology and Membrane Biophysics
    Advisor: Thomas Melia
    Jamie Miller
    Johns Hopkins University
    Field: The role of liquid water and salt in the modern Martian climate
    Advisors: Kevin Lewis and Mike Mellon
    Cesar Cardonas
    University of Chicago
    Field: Metabolic modeling of microbial interaction networks guided by computer science, ecology and biogeochemistry
    Advisors: Jack Gilbert and Chris Henry
    Casey Barr
    University of Southern California
    Field: Isolating novel marine sediment bacteria capable of extracellular electron transport. Life in low energy systems
    Advisor: Ken Nealson