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2008 Annual Science Report

University of Hawaii, Manoa Reporting  |  JUL 2007 – JUN 2008

Water on Mars

Project Summary

We use orbital geochemistry and mineralogy, and meteorite studies, to characterize the role of water in the evolution of the Martian crust. We focus on water chemistry and abundance during aqueous alteration of crustal materials.

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Project Progress

We wrapped up a study of weathering products in Martian meteorite MIL 03346, which includes analysis of trace elements in weathering veins. The data are consistent with weathering by acidic fluids at a low water/rock ratio, as also concluded by those using data from the MER missions. We also collaborated with colleagues on the Mars Odyssey GRS team to use orbital geochemical data and a host of other data in a study of the Arabia regions of Mars. This appears to have been an important sedimentary basin > 3.5 billion years ago.

    G. Jeffrey Taylor
    Objective 2.1
    Mars exploration