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2008 Annual Science Report

Pennsylvania State University Reporting  |  JUL 2007 – JUN 2008

Laboratory Microbial Simulations: Astrobiological Signatures

Project Summary

We aim to use laboratory and field environments to investigate microorganisms and their biogeochemical signatures. We have investigated methanotrophic seeps and deeply-buried marine environments, as well as used laboratory pure-cultures to further our understanding of diverse metabolisms.

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Project Progress

This past year we had very important papers published on a number of different topics. The following are examples. We showed that cyanobacteria have a distinct nitrogen isotopic signature when exposed to high Fe concentrations, a condition that might occur during ocean anoxic events (published in JGR). We showed that Methanosarcina can grow by producing methyl-sulfides (published in AEM). We presented a new model for how the anaerobic oxidation of methane might operate (published in Environmental Microbiology). We published a paper on the metagenomic signatures of microbial life in the marine subsurface (published in PNAS).