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Real-Time Forward Modelling for the JUICE SWI Calibration Radiometer Firmware Suite

Presenter: Hayden Smotherman, University of Washington
When: November 13, 2018 3PM PST

The Jupiter Icy moons Explorer (JUICE), scheduled to launch in 2022, has among its instruments a radiometer called the Submillimeter Wave Instrument (SWI). This instrument is being built at the Max Plank Institute für Sonnensystemforschung in Göttingen, Germany. Here, they are building and testing several ground-based radiometers to serve as calibration standards for the SWI. During the summer, I helped to implement real-time forward modelling into the python firmware for these radiometers. I used the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator (ARTS) to run the retrievals, along with the Typhon software package, and was able to implement real-time forward modelling for four different spectrometers in the calibration lab.

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