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Probing the Interior of Europa: Magnetic Fields and Plasma and Radio Waves, Oh My!

Presenter: Carol Paty, University of Oregon
When: October 2, 2018 3PM PDT

Abstract: Beginning with Galileo in 1610, the Jovian system of worlds has inspired us and provided a rich environment for paradigm change and discovery. The diversity of characteristics represented in the moons of Jupiter require an equally diverse approach for observing and understanding their evolution and inner workings.

In this lecture we examine the relatively recent suite of observations of Europa, from the in situ Voyager and Galileo missions to the more recent remote observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope. This assemblage of information leads us to contemplate the potential habitat residing beneath Europa’s icy shell; a definition of questions pursuit of answers that has evolved into the Europa Clipper mission. We will discuss this exciting mission in terms of the instrumentation that will cooperatively and collaboratively explore what lies beneath the surface of Europa.

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