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The Origin of Life

Presenter: Loren Williams, Georgia Institute of Technology
When: November 5, 2012 12PM PST

A key to understanding ourselves comes from studying the origins of life on Earth. One way to approach origins is to look at our biochemistry. Biology records its own history in molecules, reactions and sequences. We can peel back the molecular layers and ask what was happening during the crucial period in Earth’s history when life arose. What strategies were being used by early life to survive… and why?

Year of the Solar System

  • While NASA celebrates 50 years of Solar System exploration in 2012, the last two of those years saw an unprecedented cluster of activity. From comet and asteroid encounters to landing an analytical chemistry laboratory on the surface of Mars, we have dared and learned much. Throughout it all, fundamental research has provided the foundation and impetus for exploration. These talks give the state of the art in astrobiology research in 2012.
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