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Sara Waller
Montana State University


Sara Waller is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Montana State University, where she teaches courses such as “Other Animals” and “Origins of Life.” She has published articles on philosophy of mind and cognitive science in journals such as “Synthese,” Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience,” and “Journal of Value Inquiry.” She actively runs a project comparing the structural harmonic patterns of vocalizations of social predators, including bottlenose dolphins and coyotes. Her research interests include human and animal minds and measures of intelligence across species.

Selected Publications

2010 “Neuro-Enhancement: Warning, Autonomax may be Necessary” Journal of Ethics in Mental Health with Carmela Epright. Vol. 5 number 1.

2009 “Psychological Investigations: The Private Language Argument and Inferences in Contemporary Cognitive Science.” With C.D. Meyers. Synthese 171:135-156. see:

2008 “Dolphin Words and Wolf Worlds: Ethology, Philosophy, Mind and Language” in LACUS: Linguistic Association of Canada & the United States Forum #34.

2007 “Dolphin Signature Rhythms and the Non-Cacophanous Coyote: Rhythm, Cognition and the Animal Umwelt” in Cognitive Semiotics vol. 1 Fall issue.

2007 “Involuntary Emotional Expressive Disorder (IEED): A Case for a Deeper Neuroethics,” with Peter Whitehouse, Neurotherapeutics, July issue.

2007 “The functional neuroanatomy of thematic role and locative relational knowledge” with Denise Wu and Anjan Chatterjee, in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Vol. 19:9 1542-1555.

2005 “Method matters: An empirical study of impact in cognitive neuroscience” Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. With Lesley K. Fellows, Andrea S. Heberlein, Dawn A. Morales, Geeta Shivde, and Denise H. Wu. Vol. 17, pp. 850-858.


2005 Environmental Protection Agency grant for the project “The Center for Urban Environmental Research” (with Rod Hay, co-PI).

2003 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Extending the Reach Grant for the project “Diogenes’ Dolphins: Truth-seeking, Science and Tursiops Truncatus.”

2001 National Science Foundation/American Philosophical Association: Philosophical Explorations of Science, Technology and Diversity.

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