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David Smith
NASA Ames Research Center

Selected Publications

Smith, D.J., Griffin, D.W., Jaffe, D.A. 2011. The high life: Transport of microbes in the atmosphere. Eos 92 (30): 249-250.

Smith, D.J., Griffin, D.W., McPeters, R.D., Ward, P.D., Schuerger, A.C. 2011. Microbial survival in the stratosphere and implications for global dispersal.  Aerobiologia 27: 319-332.

Smith, D.J., Griffin, D.W., and Schuerger, A.C. 2010.  Stratospheric microbiology at 20 km over the Pacific Ocean.  Aerobiologia 26: 35-46.  

Smith, D.J., Schuerger, A.C., Davidson, M.M., Pacala, S.W., Bakermans, C., and Onstott, T.C., 2009. Survivability of Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5 under simulated martian surface conditions. Astrobiology9(2): 221-228.

Birmele, M.N., Smith, D.J., Roberson, L.B., and Roberts, M.S. Antimicrobial testing in reduced gravity environments: New methods and materials. Microgravity Science and Technology (submitted April 2011).

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