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2015 Annual Science Report

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reporting  |  JAN 2015 – DEC 2015

The MER Mission to Mars

Project Summary

NAI team member Andrew Knoll continued to work as part of the science team for the MER mission to Mars. Exploration continues along the clay-rich lip of Endeavor crater. Publications in 2015 include a synthesis of recent research in the Endeavour region and a analysis of Mn-bearing surface features exposed along Murray Ridge.

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Project Progress

The MER rover Opportunity continues to explore the periphery of Endeavour crater. During the past year, Opportunity roved to a region of high clay content, as inferred from remote sensing. Enroute, a fortuitious scrape of a surface crust exposed a distinctive surface that, upon APXS analysis proved to contain an enrichment of oxidized Mn. This requries the presence of a strong oxidant in local pore waters, most liekly dixoygen (Arvidson et al., in press). Team member Knoll also particpated in a paper integrated remote sesensing and in situ analyses of Endeavour crater and its approaches (Arvidson et al., 2015)

    Andrew Knoll Andrew Knoll
    Project Investigator
    Objective 1.1
    Formation and evolution of habitable planets.

    Objective 2.1
    Mars exploration.