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2007 Annual Science Report

University of Hawaii, Manoa Reporting  |  JUL 2006 – JUN 2007

In Situ Voltammetry Integrated With a Cabled Nearshore Observatory

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Project Progress

In May 2007, Glazer and Binsted obtained NSF funding to continue field deployment and data stream development for in situ voltammetric analyses, expanding upon the collaboration that began as described in the 2006 annual report. The research is focused on the central goal of advancing the recently developed analytical technique of in situ voltammetry to gain the capability for widespread integration into observatory networks. In this project, emphasis is placed on instrument improvement for ultimate quantification of the transport of soluble redox components in near shore marine surface sediments, which are known to significantly contribute to biogeochemical cycling. The PIs propose to build upon recent developments of in situ electrochemical analyzers that have drastically reduced sampling artifacts, increasing measurement sensitivity and decreasing induced changes in sample chemical speciation, thus providing better accuracy and precision of measurement. Continued development of such an analytical tool is of great significance to a number of fields of science and engineering within and outside of the ocean sciences, including the evolution of seafloor observatory science. To date, a graduate student has begun training with the voltammetric system. It is expected that as this project develops, opportunities to leverage the NSF support within the context of UHNAI interests will develop.

    Brian Glazer Brian Glazer
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    Kimberly Binsted

    Objective 5.1
    Environment-dependent, molecular evolution in microorganisms

    Objective 6.1
    Environmental changes and the cycling of elements by the biota, communities, and ecosystems