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2007 Annual Science Report

Pennsylvania State University Reporting  |  JUL 2006 – JUN 2007

PSARC: Evolution of a Habitable Planet

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Project Progress

Theoretical model of post-migration planet formation worked on, two papers published.
Analysis of Spitzer Space Telescope data completed, two papers in press. Hubble Space Telescope time to followup observation doing direct imaging search for giant planets around nearby white dwarfs obtained in current cycle.

Observations of OH molecular emission lines in two nearby protoplanetary disks done, results presented at the AAS meeting in Jan 2007 and formed final chapter of Mandell’s PhD thesis. Paper in preparation. Mandell completed PhD thesis and is starting a NPP postdoc at NAI GSFC center in August 2007

    Steinn Sigurdsson
    Avi Mandell
    Doctoral Student

    Objective 1.1
    Models of formation and evolution of habitable planets

    Objective 1.2
    Indirect and direct astronomical observations of extrasolar habitable planets